Philanthropic Efforts

Philanthropic Efforts

Because of the continued support and loyalty of our passengers, the McCrea 2000 Trust has been able to fund projects for a variety of Animal Welfare Organizations and their thousands of volunteers throughout the United States, Mexico, Ecuador and Bulgaria for over a decade. The Trust is funded by the profits from Zoe’s Cruises and Tours. These Animal Welfare Organizations, and their volunteers, provide care and a second chance for both domestic and wild animals that have been injured, abandoned and abused. Our passengers are making a difference in the lives of thousands of animals. Many of the Organizations have come to our attention through our passengers over the years. The Organizations receiving support in 2016 and 2017 are noted below with a brief summary of the work funded. Your interest in these Organizations is welcome and appreciated by them.

Greyhound Adoption Center El Cajon, California

Medical funding for greyhounds rescued from dog tracks around the US and in Mexico, a new central air conditioning and heating unit and back up generator and repairs to the primary kennel’s sewer system, as well as funding toward medical care costs. Funding in 2016 provided the engineering and installation of donated solar panels to reduce the cost of operating the facility. In 2017, major funding is focused on the development of a “how to” video series to assist greyhound rescue groups in the US and around the World. (Multi-Year Recipient)

Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary East Sacramento, California

Funding for all food and supplies in 2016 and 2017 for the Zoe McCrea Sanctuary, a building which provides state of the art feline habitat for socialization and the transition of semi-feral, abandoned, abused and rescued felines to aid in their transition to the adjacent Adoption Center and a forever loving home. Funding for a new website and media community outreach was also offered in 2016 to enhance adoptions. Donation of a Cruise to Alaska for the Annual Fundraiser is offered each year.

Amici Cannis, Animal Rescue Foundation of Cotacachi Cotacachi, Ecuador

Funding for a Model Sustainable Veterinary Clinic and Animal Shelter focused initially on saving the lives of hundreds of starving street dogs in Cotacachi. The Trust supports this educational opportunity to promote a significant alternative to overpopulation, abuse, disease and starvation. Major emphasis is on the Spay & Neuter Clinic that opened in 2016 and has neutered 400 street dogs. The 2017 funding supports two new veterinary assistants focused on care for stray animals. This Clinic is the first of its kind in Ecuador and it is now expanding to other regions. (Multi-Year Recipient)